For a long time, as far as canopies went, there wasn't much range in choice.

A curved PVC canopy with thick circular posts was the only option and it was usually an opaque white.

We wanted to create a product that was bespoke in design, so that instead of looking like an add-on, your canopy could look one with your home.

Matching Your Roofline

If your home has a gabled roof, and you're wanting to match that, we can.

If you're wanting it sloped to one side, we can do that too. Having a bespoke approach to outdoor living allows us to be creative with our designs and therefore create a unique canopy for every home.

Gabled roofs are great for adding height, so that your living space feels open and inviting.

They are also better for self-cleaning as natural debris such as leaves and dust will run off the roof sheets.

We have seen some amazing spaces where the Gabled design has been used in between garages and homes, or as a front entranceway too.

Our canopies are powder coated to any colour of your choice so you can choose to match the aluminium to your house colour - roof colour - joinery colour, or any colour!

If you are wanting to know more, please contact us and we can give you a free, no obligation quote.

Our customers come to us wanting to transform their outdoor areas and we work alongside them to create a bespoke shade solution that will last.

We use the highest quality materials that are backed by our 10 year warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work.

The Villa Transformation

We worked on this beautiful Villa. It was important to the owners to keep to the classical style of the home. Therefore they chose Polycarbonate roofing in the shade "Opal".

This roofing type is truly wonderful if you want to keep out maximum heat, but retain maximum light in your home. It is also one of our most affordable options.

Now this family has a sun safe area they can use throughout the year.

The canopy suits and enhances the look of their home.

The New Build Transformation

This family home's outdoor area was used all day every day throughout the summer! However not much in any other season. Also, the deck became very hot and unusable on some summer days.

We designed a gable-roofed canopy with thicker posts and beams to create this beautiful canopy. The canopy angle compliments their roof perfectly, and provides our customers with the sun protection they wanted. Gone are their days of quickly closing their doors when the rain came!

Some of our customers desperately want an outdoor canopy for its benefits such as sun and rain protection, however they are concerned that it won't honor their classical or stylized homes.

Here at Shadescape, we custom make all of our canopies to suit every home.

For Villas and weatherboard homes we recommend a thicker back bar and posts to compliment the structure of the home.

We work alongside our customers to uncover what their goal is, and ensure we design a canopy that will fulfill all of your outdoor area dreams! No outdoor area is too tricky.

Let there be light!

Another thing we hear often from our clients is how they are wanting protection from the sun whilst outside, but don't want to lose any of the light inside their homes. If your home doesn't get much light or you're worried about losing any light - we recommend to choose the clear acrylic tint. Or, for a more affordable option clear or white polycarbonate roofing. These materials are light generous, but also provide UV protection and will reduce the heat on your outdoor area. If you are still undecided, we can give you samples of both the clear and grey tint acrylic roofing so you can take your time deciding what is right for you.

We can also install our lighting systems in the canopy so that you can use the area through the day to the night. We use the highest quality outdoor lights and all our customers rave about how much of a difference they make to the area. Lights are an additional cost, but if you use the area frequently at night - it's worth it!

What colour should I choose?

We usually recommend to match your canopy to the colour of your window and door joinery, however we have had some customers who choose to colour match to their roofs or house colour. It's all personal preference and there's no right or wrong answer!

My area gets a lot of wind, how do your canopies manage in prevailing winds?

We custom engineer and fabricate all of our canopies and therefore, to the environment that they will be living in. So when our customers tell us that they have an area with high wind, we can take extra precautions. This may include adding extra brackets to the house, using thicker posts and back bar, or concreting the posts into the ground instead of attaching to the deck. All of our materials are the highest quality and are made to withstand different weather conditions. Our products are made in New Zealand for New Zealand climates.

What type of Screens should I choose?

The most important thing to consider when deciding between mesh and clear screens, is function. If you're wanting the screens to keep in the maximum amount of heat for entertaining at night - then we would recommend the clear screens. Clear screens keep away wind, and are also great if you're wanting to keep the view of your backyard. However if your outdoor area seems to get so hot that it becomes unusable for the summer, then the mesh material reduces the amount of heat, gives you wind protection and provides privacy.

All of our screens can be motorized for an additional cost so they are operated by a remote!

Want to see our Canopies and screens in action?

Make an appointment to come and have a look at our showroom - we have several canopies and screens with multiple fabrics, along with samples of our different materials and colours.

We'd love to meet you!