Our drop down screens are the perfect addition to your canopy/outdoor area. Have the ability too easily and quickly block out any wind or rain so you can carrying on entertaining with no worries.

We have two options to choose from. 

Our clear PVC screens and our mesh/privacy screens. Check them out below!

MOTORISIZED!!! Yes you can also have your screens motorised.With a click of a button all your screens can move at once!

Clear PVC Screen

Our clear PVC screens are made from marine grade materials as we are never far from the salty sea in New Zealand.

The clear screens allows you to keep your view whilst blocking out any weather. The screen will also keep the warmth in during the colder months which means you can entertain all night with out any worries!

Mesh Screen

Our mesh screens are a great option if you are wanting a screen to provide privacy.

The mesh will also provide shade, so we recommend this option if your area is exposed to low evening sun.

Because of the variety of colours they come in they also blend in with your canopy.

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